Unnecessary Fighting


Can you tell me

Why we have war?

All our soldiers dieing

But what do they fight for?


Whatís there to live for

If there is no peace

Show some feelings

At the very least


Fighting equals misery

Isnít that apparent?

Suffering is all around

Doesnít anyone care?


Loved ones

Never come home

Families are left

To live alone


When forces meet

Why is fighting necessary?

Stop the war!

Why must we continue this parry?


Are people blind to pain?

What is it that only I see?

A soldier in battle

Never takes for granted a light breeze


People always complain

That their life isnít good enough

What they donít see

Is how a soldierís life is so much more rough


Change is all around

For bad or good

It happens everyday

Even if solutions are not found


            -Rachel Baumgardner


War Zone


Boom here

Bang there

Explosions all around


Glass shatters

Gun shots ring

Moans penetrate the air


Run for cover

Get away

Help is needed


Soldiers stand strong

Ready to fight

For friends and family


Children cry

Helicopters fly

Citizens die


Terrorists coming

Terrorists running

Droping bombs on their way


Shrapnel soars

Piercing anyone

And everyone






Our loved ones

Are fighting

In a war zone


-Rachel Baumgardner




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