Maxwell's Vision of America 


By Tim Maxwell


America is a better country, a better place, than many Americans realize. Speaking on behalf of a large number of Wounded Warriors, citizens are fantastic. Very supportive. Much better than Vietnam days.


But we, and I speak for LOTS of Wounded Warriors, hear many, many politicians using our injuries to their advantage.  It's like their re-elections are more important than anything. Don't get me wrong, I know that many politicians, and citizens for that matter, are very concerned about our war. I understand that many people disagree, and that they will argue given a chance.  I like that. I have seen countries that do not have that. Some of you may have seen that. Most of you have heard about it.  Publicly disagree with those who are "in charge", and you will be arrested. Possibly killed. 


But not in this country. This is America, where different opinions are welcome. Irritating sometimes. But welcome.


But lying. Or exaggerating, as they usually admit when caught…That is a different. I do not like that. As a matter of fact, I despise it. And it is happening.


Individuals, usually politicians, are "speaking on behalf of all wounded..".  Or they will say "ninety percent of the wounded warriors that I have talked are..".


Strange.  I have never been asked how I feel about this war.


Neither has any of the Wounded Warriors that I know, and I would be willing to bet that I know a few more than most. We talk about the war. What it was like. Why we were there. Why Bin Laden wants America to go away forever. We don't all agree. Actually, most of us do. But there is no requirement. No law. 


But we have heard politicians speaking on "our behalf". And we have never talked to him/her.  It causes a great deal of frustration.  They have NO RIGHT to speak on "our behalf".


They do have the right to speak on behalf of their county. Or their state. Whatever.  If they are speaking incorrectly, they will not be re-elected. Or at least, that  is what should happen.


And they have the right to speak on their own behalf. They have the right to give their opinion.  The fact that they are a politician, and will therefore be on the news, is America’s acceptance.   


But Ours? Speaking for us, the Wounded Warriors team? Even though he was not elected by us; has never talked to us; who has never been to this war with us…


How dare they?


Recently, the news also reported the four retired Generals who were in OIF 1, but who are now against the war. They are opposed with the action that we, the country, are taking. I do not understand them. That opinion is irritating.


And the fact that the news has interviewed them. They told everyone who watches their show. Why didn’t they interview other retired Generals who are not against the war. I do not understand any of that, and I dislike it.


But it is not illegal.    


Bad, I think, but legal.


But speaking for us? For me? Telling the Americans who will listen that he is trying to take care of me and others just like me, because that is what we all want.


It is a crime. They should be charged.


If it is not a crime, it should be. 


But that is just my opinion.  


 Speaking on my...








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