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The attached book, called the "Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide", is superb.   If you have a TBI, I recommend   looking at it. If you   think you have a TBI, or if you have been told you might have a TBI, then I strongly   recommend that you read it. Unless you have an obvious TBI, like shrapnel that has killed a   portion of your brain,   it is   very hard to understand.   Many warriors   get embarrassed, having seen fellow warriors get killed or   seriously wounded. So they ignore it. Believe me, I have seen many. I have met Marines who have faked it all the way through their second deployments. Talking to some of   them, it is amazing they   made it home. And they know it. They try, over and over, to get better on their own. To stay tuff.

Eventually, however, their brains   begin to "shut down".     Several pass out and lose their memories. Most get severe headaches.  

And none of us understand it.  

But this book does. And, it speaks English. Really. (Technically,   doctors speak English. But they don't really.)

So learn what you can. Read if you can.  

Knowledge is KEY!

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Tim Maxwell
TBI Team  

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This questionnaire is not meant to be a formal “test” to see if you have a head injury.  If you have multiple “YES” answers, bring this questionnaire to your doctor.  Additional tests (medical and neuropsychological) maybe ordered.




Yes      No       Do you have more headaches since the injury or accident?

Yes      No       Do you have pain in the temples or forehead?


Yes      No       Do you have pain in the back of the head (sometimes the pain will

start at the back of the head and extend to the front of the head)?


Yes      No       Do you have episodes of very sharp pain (like being stabbed) in the

head which lasts from several seconds to several minutes?




Yes      No       Does your memory seem worse following the accident or injury?

Yes      No       Do you seem to forget what people have told you 15 to 30 minutes



Yes      No       Do family members or friends say that you have asked the same

question over and over?

Yes      No       Do you have difficulty remembering what you have just read?




Yes      No       Do you have difficulty coming up with the right word (you know

the word that you want to say but can’t seem to “spit it out”)?






Yes      No       Do you get tired more easily (mentally and/or physically)?

Yes      No       Does the fatigue get worse the more you think or in very emotional





Yes      No       Are you more easily irritated or angered (seems to come on


Yes      No       Since the injury, do you cry or become depressed more easily?




Yes      No       Do you keep waking up throughout the night and early morning?

Yes      No       Do you wake up early in the morning (4 or 5 a.m.) and can’t get

                                    back to sleep?




Yes      No       Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed in noisy or crowded

places (feeling overwhelmed in a busy store or around noisy children)?




Yes      No       Do you find yourself making poor or impulsive decisions (saying

things “without thinking” that may hurt others feelings;

increase in impulse buying?)




Yes      No       Do you have difficulty concentrating (can’t seem to stay focused

on what you are doing)?



Yes      No       Are you easily distracted (someone interrupts you while you are

doing a task and you lose your place)?




Yes      No       Do you have difficulty getting organized or completing a task

(leave out a step in a recipe or started multiple projects but

don’t complete them)?


__________    Total Number of Yes Answers


If you have 5 or more Yes answers, discuss the results of this questionnaire with your doctor. 


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