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Best & Brightest 2007
December 2007

Wounded Battalion

Esquire1_MiniTim Maxwell did six combat tours over the years before he lost some of his brain in Iraq. He couldn’t command warriors anymore, so he created something new, a barracks, which became a regiment, of wounded marines like himself.

By Mike Sager

Ringo and Wildman are kickin' it with Jo Jo, Hazy, Sergeant D, and the rest of the Devil Dogs in the rec room at Maxwell Hall when who should come through the hatch but the old man himself, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Maxwell, the guy for whom the barracks was named.

Thick shouldered and squared away, Maxwell is dressed in his...


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LtCol Maxwell's story told in Congress

Mr. KLINE of Minnesota. Mr. Chairman, this amendment addresses the situation that we are facing on the ground overseas and at home. The United States Marine Corps


To is   suffering a little over 30 percent of the combat casualties. My amendment makes sure that they and their program, in support of this very important bill, gets 20 percent of the money allocated in the fund established in this bill.

Mr. Chairman, on October 7, 2004, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Tim Maxwell's life changed forever. While on his third tour in Iraq, an enemy mortar attack left him with a battered body and severe brain trauma. But Colonel Maxwell is a marine...

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Injured Marine cited as leader

He started unit for wounded warriors He set up unit for wounded warriors

Jay Price, Staff Writer

Three years ago this week, Lt. Col. Tim Maxwell was discharged from the hospital, wondering how much he was going to recover from a major head injury he suffered when a mortar shell landed on his tent in Iraq.

Now Esquire magazine is honoring the Marine as one of the "Best and Brightest of 2007" in its December issue, which appears on newsstands today.

The accompanying article isn't just about Maxwell, who has become a legend at Camp Lejeune. It also offers a raw, R-rated glimpse of life inside the Wounded Warrior Barracks on the Marine...

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From the time of the Revolutionary War, where the administration of care for our Nation’s disabled soldiers and sailors was largely left to the individual states, we have progressed to the establishment of the Veterans Administration on 21 July 1930. The care of our disabled Wounded Warriors moved from the battlefield to our Military Hospitals, transiting, as their health care stabilized to (1) return to limited military duty, (2) medically discharged and pensioned under the Veterans Administration system, or (3) moved to patient  care of a Veterans Administration Hospital – always as individuals.


Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Maxwell , United States Marine Corps in October 2004 was severely wounded in a mortar attack while serving in Iraq. His experience of sharing time with wounded Marines at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, movement to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Richmond, VA and finally home to his family in Jacksonville, NC while under therapy at Coastal Rehab in Wilmington, NC gave him the realization that the disabled/wounded Marines and sailors, living together provided the camaraderie and support needed for the healing and recovery process. From boot camp through battle they lived and fough...


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